SL7000S Sleeving Machine

SL7000S Sleeving Machine

The SL7000S Sleeving System

The NEW SL7000S sleeving system is a fast, efficient, and easy to operate single head system that can easily handle most overall, middle, and full-body sleeve applications. The small footprint, simple operator interface and minimal machine maintenance makes this applicator one of the most cost effective machines on the market.

Designed for the heavy duty, around the clock operation required by high volume producers. Up to 500 products per minute*. The SL7000S sleeving system is designed to meticulous specifications including: Easy to operate PLC controls, stainless steel robust construction, and full six axis servo driven with few moving parts.
Results in high productivity and long blade life.

In addition to SL7000S, Osiopack offers the following machines:

SL2000 automated sleeving system

SL5000S automated sleeving system

ST3000 Steam tunnel

Advanced Features

Touch Screen: PLC provides seamless operation

Stainless Steel Construction: Quality construction handles the most intense work environments

Wide Product Capability: Size range from 35mm to 100mm diameters. Contact us for custom sizes

High Speed: Up to 500 bottles per minute*

Stanley Knife Assembly: Results in high productivity and long blade life

Convenience: Off the shelf parts availability

Multi- Pack: Capable of applying to both round and square containers

*Actual Speed is determined by product shape, conveyor speed and film cut length



Height:   100″ (2,540 mm)
Length:   40.55″ (1,030 mm)
Width:    39.37″ (1,000 mm)


Approx. 2,140 lbs. (800 kg)

Maximum Sleeve Lay Flat

7.48″ (190 mm)

Product Throughput Rate

Up to 500 per minute*


Available in all commercially acceptable voltages


Allen Bradley Drives
Six Reel Fully Auto Roll Unwind
Ethernet Connectivity
Film Perforation

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