What is gravure printing?

Gravure printing uses etched steel cylinders to transfer solvent-based paste inks to a substrate.

What are the advantages of gravure printing?

Photographic quality, bright colors, superior registration of colors, best possible appearance, highest perceived value for your product.

What are your pre-press charges?

All pre-press charges, such as design work, computer file preparation, proofs, and film are quoted and billed separately. If you provide your own art on disk you can figure on about $550-$600 per color for pre-press charges, including the cost to engrave cylinders.

How are cylinders engraved?

Gravure cylinders are made by copper-plating a finely milled steel cylinder, then etching a recessed image into the copper plating. Etching is done using either a diamond-stylus or laser. The depth, shape, size, and angle of the recessed are closely controlled to give the desired result on press. Etched cylinders are then chrome-plated to add wear-resistance.

How long to cylinders last, and do I have to pay again if they wear out?

Cylinders typically last about 20,000,000 revolutions and you never have to pay to have worn cylinders replaced.

What line-screen do you use?

175 to 220 line screens are typically used for process images. We can print up to 250 line screens.

Can I use common cylinders?

Absolutely. Using common cylinders is the best way to save money on both pre-press and material cost. Our design department will show you and/or your artist how to design most cost-effectively.

Do I have to pay for pre-press?

Sorry, but yes. Many printers bury the costs of pre-press in their material prices. The disadvantage to you is that you continue to pay the inflated price well after the printer recovers the pre-press costs. We prefer to give you the lowest possible material cost.

What is your minimum?

3.5 million square inches for any flexible packaging material. This is equivalent to: about 30,000 6″ X 9″ Stand-Up Pouches, about 100,000 Shrink Sleeves for a 16 fl oz bottle, about 70,000 Bar Wraps for protein bars or candy bars.

What is your lead-time?

Your new flexible packaging material will be ready to ship within 4 weeks of art approval. Repeat orders are typically ready to ship in about 3 weeks. Shipping time to West Coast companies via ocean freight is about 3 weeks, including customs clearance and ground shipment to your door. It’s about a week longer for shipments to the central and eastern parts of North America, or to Europe or South America. Rush orders can be ready for shipment in less than 2 weeks at no extra charge. Air shipment is usually about 3 days, including customs clearance.

How much does shipping cost?

Normal shipping costs are included in all of our quotations. The only cost on your flexible packaging material invoice will be the price per thousand. If you need your material sooner than 6-7 weeks, air shipment is available at about $5.00 per pound (or about $3.00 per pound if we can send your material “standby”, using a freight consolidator.)

How many colors can you print?

Up to 10 colors per design.

What are color and copy change charges?

When you have more than one item that are the same size and material, you can combine them for the best pricing. When a printer stops the press and changes to the next item, there are costs associated with the lost press time and wasted material. Some gravure printers charge up to $200 per cylinder and $200 per color for each change. These charges can add up to a significant amount. Osiopack does NOT charge for color and copy changes. We encourage you to read the fine print on our competitors’ quotes!

Who handles importing?

Osiopack handles all aspects of the importing process, including all shipping and customs documents.

Do you warehouse material for your customers?

Yes we do. With a warehousing agreement, Osiopack will inventory a 30-90 day supply of your material at no additional charge. We can use our facility in Anaheim, CA or a warehouse near your facility.

Can I do a press-check?

We welcome you to visit our printing facilities. We will make travel arrangements for you and provide transportation while you are in South Korea. Airfare and hotel accommodations are your responsibility.

Do you sell to the trade?

Yes, we do. We guarantee that we will provide an excellent value on the best materials available and protect your clients for as long as you continue to buy from Osiopack.

Do you have stock material in inventory?

No. Everything we print is custom made for our customers.

Do you have people to help us develop our ideas?

Absolutely! Our technical and design directors are ready, willing, and able to help you with any issue.

In what form should art be supplied?

We prefer files created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, supplied on any disk media. If you supply art created in any other programs, such as PageMaker or Quark Express, we will convert your files to Illustrator files. It will be safer and less expensive if you use Illustrator to create your files. When you supply art on disk, please send a color print of each item on the disk so we know that what we have received is correct. If you e-mail your files, e-mail a PDF of each item as well.

Do you stand behind your work?

Of course. We guarantee that you will be thrilled with the appearance and function of your flexible packaging material from Osiopack.

Is Osiopack a Korean company?

No. Osiopack is incorporated in the state of California.

Does Osiopack own the printing plants in Korea?

The best way to define Osiopack’s role is a distributor of imported flexible packaging materials. Osiopack has several joint ventures that include ownership interests, but in general we are a separate company from each of our vendors.

Does Osiopack “shop” vendors?

No. Unlike some distributors that will change printing plants without your knowledge, Osiopack has exclusive relationships with its vendors. Each is ISO certified and follows strict QA procedures that Osiopack has helped them develop. We have excellent relationships with our vendors and find that these relationships are critical to good communication and preferential service.

What does “Osiopack” mean?

In Korean, “Osiopack” means welcome. It is a formal word, implying gratitude and hospitality. We at Osiopack will welcome you into our family of customers.

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